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Madonna’s Celebration Tour is a Masterclass in Communication, Storytelling and Legacy

Madonna's "Celebration Tour" transcends the conventional concert experience, morphing into a masterclass in storytelling and communication. Marking her 40-year tenure in the music industry, this tour employs Madonna's career as a canvas to paint a story that...

Dominating the Global Market through Strategic Alliances with Local Influencers

In today's competitive business landscape, leveraging local influencer alliances has emerged as a pivotal tactic for global brand expansion. By forging partnerships with well-established influencers in specific regions or communities, brands can effectively broaden...
net zero

What does net zero mean and is it even possible to reach it?

The phrase net zero has gone viral, but what does it really mean? And is it even possible to achieve it?  The carbon cycle describes how the carbon moves between the atmosphere, soils, ocean and living creatures. Until human intervention came into the picture,...

World Economic Forum 2022: A Message of Resilience From The Most Critical Edition

The World Economic Forum 2022 marked the first Annual Meeting in Davos since the start of the pandemic two years ago, and took place from the 22nd to the 26th of May. This year arguably saw one of the most critical editions so far, because of the dramatic events...

Why Inclusion In The Workplace Matters: Strategies For Successful Internal Communication

An inclusive workplace is the first step to build a successful company. If a company wants to truly prioritize inclusiveness, it should cultivate a culture that values different views, opinions and backgrounds. This is the reason why internal communication, along with...

The New Side of Thrifting: The Rise of Online Reselling

The last decade has seen an enormous transformation of the concept of thrifting. With the younger generations’ increase in awareness on sustainability, society seems to look at secondhand shopping in a new light. People buy second hand for a variety of reasons,...

Milan Design Week 2022 & The Focus on Sustainability

Milan Design Week is among the most prominent design events worldwide, characterised by a series of shows and events held around design districts across the city and the main furniture fair at the Salone del Mobile. While the event was cancelled in 2020 and was run...

Platinum Jubilee records biggest audience of the year: a winning communication strategy

According to the BBC, 13,4 million people in the UK connected to watch Saturday’s platinum party at Buckingham Palace on BBC One. This marked the biggest audience of the year, surpassing both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Queen’s Christmas message.   ...

Sustainability In The Hospitality Industry

One of the biggest challenges hospitality is facing today is sustainability. Businesses not only have to deal with the threat of climate change but also with the new expectations of travelers. The lack of predictability is hunting the industry, and investors are...

Youth Engagement In Politics

Young people (18-30) are a significant part of our society, but still often find themselves marginalized from political decision-making. Political systems are representative when all generations have a voice or influence in decisions. But how to attract the young...

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